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Our intention behind is to build a platform for creative thinking and research that is open to everyone.

It’s a distraction-free space where you can collect anything, organize your thoughts, and develop ideas over time. It’s also a community where curiosity and collaboration are more important than algorithms and likes.

Whether you’re writing a story, designing a product, or just exploring your interests, we believe should help you think and discover in a way that feels natural. Learn more about our thinking.

Your Ideas, Your Data is powered by members, not advertisers. We will never display ads and we will never hand over your data without your explicit permission.

Premium members help us improve and make the platform accessible to everyone. Consider signing up for a yearly membership in order to access extra tools and privacy options. for iOS

The mobile app lets you add content, browse channels, and make connections right from your phone. Take your ideas with you and browse a universe of shared knowledge, no matter where you are. Labs

We work with creative teams, institutions, and brands to develop custom digital projects powered by the API.

Team and Collaborators

Charles Broskoski
Daniel Pianetti
Chris Sherron
Damon Zucconi
Chris Barley
Christina Badal
Leo Shaw
Meg Miller

Plans and Pricing

Everyone can join for free and add unlimited public content. Becoming a Premium member allows you to work in complete privacy on personal or professional projects, and gives you early access to new products and features.

For student plans visit this page, for teams and organizations please contact



Join Basic


  • Add links to web pages, images, videos, PDFs, and even selected text using the bookmarklet
  • Upload any file type
  • Create text notes
  • Edit titles, add descriptions, and make comments


  • Organize content Blocks within Open, Closed, or Private Channels
  • Add up to 100 Blocks in Private Channels
  • Add unlimited Blocks in public Channels
  • Connect related Channels


  • Search users, public Blocks and Channels


  • Find friends who are already on
  • Export Channels as PDF, ZIP, and HTML
  • Create public links to Channels
  • Live Feed of users and channels you follow
  • Invite friends and colleagues to collaborate on specific Channels


  • Profile page with customizable bio and links


  • Customer support via e-mail


$5 / month or $45 / year

Join Premium


  • Unlimited Private Blocks
  • Hide from search engines


  • Early access to new products and features (mobile app coming this month)


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What should I use for? Why should I use it instead of other bookmarking and organization tools?

People who use as a daily tool appreciate the dynamism between private and public collaboration. Content is easily connected between different topics and channels, resulting in discovery of information and organic archives.

Play around for a while: adding content, connecting and discovering users is the best way to find out the platform's qualities.

I'm lost, not sure how to use, can you help?

You can explore to see how other people use it, ask questions in the feedback channel, look at the getting started page or contact us.